Dark MoFo replied

211 weeks ago

Hey guys, I gave up FF14ARR 5 months ago, it was because I couldn't find any friends and Aussie communities to play with.

I am returning to FF14ARR, however, I don't know which server I should choose? I don't mind JP or NA. As long as there are ANZ players.

I live in Hobart, AUS
Please do reply to let me know which server got the most amount of ANZ players :::)! THANKS

Damien Ramirez Default replied

211 weeks ago

I dont know which has the most players or is the better server but Tonberry seems to be the most active with ANZ players, from all the stuff i've seen past few weeks when looking around for a new server.

Radstar Default replied

211 weeks ago

Im on Sargatanas and am in a very active aussie linkshell. Its great!

Koryn Arcus Default replied

206 weeks ago

Hey Dark, as Rad said we have a FC called Lux Crystalis on Sargatanas, Infact myself and the FC master are also from Tasmania on the NW coast!

Check us out!


whitesaya replied

182 weeks ago

Deleted 182 weeks ago by Altena
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