Altena Admin replied

151 weeks ago

First and foremost, I hope you are all enjoying Heavensward!

This page is honestly pretty dead these days as it was originally set up during pre-2.0 release to try and band some SEA players together.

Most people honestly don't check this site anymore but I am leaving it running simply for new comers to try and group up. Feel free to post stuff on the newsfeed as it will be read a lot faster than the forums these days. If you are hunting for an FC, try contacting those that are advertised in the forums through in-game channels (as they will most likely not see your forum posts on here).

I am willing to answer specific questions on the game if you send me a message either on guildwork or in-game (if you're on Excalibur), but please avoid spamming me with questions before you have made some effort to search for the answer yourself. Also please keep in mind that I don't check guildwork every day,so your answers may be a little slow.

My main job is Ninja, and I am nearly 60 DRK. I have also beat all the content in the game currently, so if your questions are specifically related to mechanics or class advice then I am willing to answer them for you. Keep in mind that most of my answers will be subject to my own experience and opinion.
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